Exterior Siding Cleaning

We will safely remove that mold on your house siding.

Let us come out free of charge and show you how our safe and effective house washing method can restore the life of your house siding, removing all black mold, making it look brand new again while greatly extending the overall life of your home.

What are those stains?

Mold , mildew , algae and other bacteria. Many times customers do not realize what is actually growing on their home and the damage it can cause. Organisms like these will begin to break down your construction materials, creating a more inhabitable environment for higher organisms which will move in and cause even greater damage.

Our Soft Washing process.

Soft-washing is a process using garden hose pressure to apply water based, biodegradable, low or no VOC, and most importantly, effective solutions specially designed to clean the entire surface of your house, killing the organisms, and inhibiting their return – all in one process without damaging the siding on your house or your surrounding vegetation. No fossil fuels are consumed during the cleaning process and you can feel good that you are employing a service that is better for the environment than common alternatives.

Why CamoVets is your best choice for Soft Washing.

Cleaning your house siding can be a risky project. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may end up causing significant damage to your house siding which would greatly depreciate your most important investment, your home. When you hire CamoVets, you don’t have to worry about any of that as we are insured up to $1 Million dollars. Your peace of mind is our first priority.

Every one of our technicians are certified to their exact job position. As a SoftWash Authorized company, we maintain and adhere to the Softwash Systems 50 Point Standard, use their system exclusively, and keep up with all of the education, SoftWash Systems has to offer.

We believe in being good to our environment.

Our soft wash house washing system uses low VOC emissions, and almost zero fossil fuels. As good stewards, we use fuel oil alternatives and use 12 volt and solar powered electric equipment.