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Get rid of those ugly black streaks on your roof.

Roof Cleaning in Manahawkin, New JerseyWhen you look up at your roof, it’s important to realize that those ugly black streaks aren’t dirt; they’re bacteria. Let us at CamoVets Roof Cleaning & Power Washing clean your roof today with our safe and effective methods.

Before we schedule a formal roof cleaning appointment, let us come out free of charge and show you how our safe, effective cleaning method can restore the life of your roof by removing all those black stains and making it look brand new again.

The black streaks forming on your roof are actually a bacteria called Gleocapsa Magma. This is the main culprit for most of the staining problems on roofs here in Manahawkin, New Jersey and throughout the country. In addition to this type of bacteria, mildew, algae, moss, and lichens can also decompose and break down your roofing material, along with making your roof not look its best.


“We offer a 5 year warranty!”


When providing roof cleaning services, we use a process known as soft washing. This process applies garden hose pressure to disburse water-based, biodegradable chemicals that will clean your roof’s entire surface area, killing the organisms growing on it and preventing their return.

Every one of our technicians is certified to perform soft washing, and we will ensure your roof is thoroughly cleaned without doing any damage to the underlying surface. This provides the best, longest-lasting roof cleaning results possible for our clients.

If you’re ready to get rid of those ugly black stains on your roof, we’re ready and waiting to help. Contact us today to set up your next roof cleaning appointment.

FAQs About Roof Cleaning

We are proud to offer highly effective roof cleaning services to residential and commercial customers in the Manahawkin area. Because you may not know what to expect from our roof cleaning service, we have answered several frequently asked questions about it below. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and ask.

How much does roof cleaning typically cost?
The cost to clean a roof varies from job to job. For instance, the size of the roof in square feet, the roof’s pitch, and the complexity of the roof (such as numerous peaks and valleys) may be contributing factors to the cost. However, we can get back to you on the cost when you contact us and provide more information about your roof.
Is roof cleaning environmentally friendly?

Soft washing your roof isn’t environmentally friendly all on its own, even though the solutions are biodegradable. However, our roof cleaning service is environmentally friendly because our technicians follow environmentally safe procedures while soft washing your roof. You can count on us to take the proper precautions and protect your landscape.

Why should I turn to your company for roof cleaning?
We’re the professionals you can rely on for roof cleaning because we use gentle yet effective methods and professional-grade equipment. We also never rush to complete a job because we want to provide the best possible results. In addition, we carry liability insurance, including a $1 million commercial liability policy, for your protection and peace of mind.

At CamoVets Roof Cleaning & Power Washing, we offer roof cleaning services in Manahawkin, Lakewood, Toms River, Tuckerton, Barnegat, Long Beach Island, Forked River, Lanoka Harbor, Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, and Lavallette, New Jersey.